World Ebola Day

Last Saturday, October 4, was the last day of the Hajj, the great pilgrimage to Mecca that is the duty of every pious Muslim to make at least once in his or her lifetime, if at all possible. Muslims from every country on earth gather, perform holy rituals, and then disperse back into the world. The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj is quite diligent about screening for serious communicable diseases, and takes care to limit mingling of populations that are normally geographically separated. Let us pray that they have been successful in preventing Ebola from becoming part of this year’s Hajj. If they have not, then as of last week Ebola may have reached many, if not all countries on earth.

And of course, some evil-minded propagandists will blame it on America, or the West, or Israel, or the Jews. It just isn’t exciting enough to blame it on African bats, and on people in the affected West African countries failing to voluntarily abstain from Hajj until the outbreak is over for the sake of their fellow believers.


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